Friday, 13 November 2015


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Have a wonderful day!


Friday, 9 October 2015

Cupcakebears Didi & Dotty..

The weather here is a bit gloomy the last couple of days, so try to get a few bright pictures of Diddi and Dotty was difficult..
But this mornig the sun came out a short time,   got  my camera ready, and snapt some cute
pictures of the sisters...

Didi and Dotty are sisters, and best friends as well, both of them live in a tiny village called: CherryBeary..
Can you tell that they love to gossip, and tend to spill it with a cup of tea and a tasty treat..! But because they are kind hearted souls, you can forgive them very easily..

Both Didi and Dotty love cupcakes and tarts so much, ..that they wear the treats on there head...!

Stuffed with marmalade, the cakes will be eaten very happily, when ever the girls ar hungry...
and that is most of the time.... Thankfully Dotty knows how to bake...!


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yes.. can post new fotos again! Cupcakebears Dotty & Diddi..

To new Cupcakebears are finally ready... Two sisters named Diddi and Dotty.
In my last post, I coud not let you see any fotos, the computer is working now, so here is what you have missed..

If you like to see more work in progress, please visit on Instagram; cupcakebebearsandme
Every week new fotos of bears will be posted!

First the girls had there make-up....

I have been  working on a new style of bears.., a bit more chubby and added more weight in there bellies (so they willbe more cuddly) and  they have longer arms, even the face paint  is more brighter this time... 

Dotty gets to see if here clothes fit...
Notice she has no mouth yet? That is the final thing she will get, because that is the last thing to give here more character, here own personality..

Now Dotty is almost ready, she has a cute face completed white a nice smile!
Of course Diddi will not be left behind!

I hope to post the fotos of the girls finished this week soon!

Love ,

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Cupcakebears are coming soon!

Goodmorning! Hope you are all well!
Summer vacation is over.. and now it's back to the drawing board for me, and disign some new Cupcakebears!! Lots of ideas, so lets get my hands dirty..;)

But that will be next on my to do list, because I'm curently working on two bears who where sinds vacation sitting on the shelf already...
If you would like to follow the proces, you can follow my Instagram page: cupcakebearsandme
I try to post some new pictures a few times every week.
Somehow I can't get foto's at this moment on my blog, so sorry for that!! I hope to have it fixed soon!

Have a lovely day!


Friday, 10 July 2015

There is a new Cupcakebears in town.., Nana the clown circus bear!

The childerens summer vacation is almost about to start, so looking forward to it! Six weeks they can play the whole day long, and go to bed late in the evening..they so need this well as me..
So the last new Cupcakbear for our holiday is about to start is; Nana...

Nana is a circus bear....

She is a light yellow color bear...
Whis you all a good holiday, with lots of sun and fun!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cupcakebears Mr.Darcy....

Don't you love Mr.Darcy, I know I do!  It's one of my favorite characters from the novel writer Jane Austen!

Last year the family and I were on holiday in England ( I loooove England, did I mentioned that before?) We stayed in a lovely barn nearby the property Jane Austen had lived with her sister, after her father  had died. Ofcourse we had to visit the well maintained house and garden,..and I just loved it, I coud stay there for hours! ( Wich I did, left our childeren in the hands of my boyfriend, and of I went!) It still looks like Jane had never left, and her tiny (!) writing table, is still present in one of the rooms upstairs in the house.. Can you believe that she written many novels with a quill, how hard is that...

Anyway one of my favorite novels is Pride & Prejudiced..
And so a idea for a Mr.Darcy bear was born! Here he is..

Poor Mr.Darcy, he is so very much in love with Elizabeth.., he has rozy cheeks to prove it!

Don't he looks handsome with his big hat on..

Have a lovely day!


Monday, 8 June 2015

New Cupcakebears coming soon!


It's June already,.. time flyes! Last month I just could not work as much as I wanted to,  making and finishing new Cupcakebears.., the kids had so much free time, only 8 days they went to school in May, can you believe it!
That was much fun with days out to the park and walks in the near by forest, but now it's time to get back to work!

So here are a few pics of a pink Cupcakebear who is nearly finished, and of a custom order: a  tiny circus elephant I'm now currently working on..

Such a cute tiny bear, he is 17 cm tall, and wainting for his clothes..
I hope this week his clothes ar all ready....

And for a very nice customer I'm  making a tiny  circus elephant, only 11 cm tall..
I hope she will love him!

Have a wonderfull day!

Friday, 1 May 2015

New Cupcakebear...Elephant Lola!

Can you believe it,'s already May! The weather is much better, every day a bit warmer, even the sun stays up late..
Time to get our vegateble patch ready! It's just a tiny plot we can use outside, but thats alright, it's a learning proces for me, so to start small is not so scary..haha!  So yesterday I collected and sorted all the packedges of vegetable seed I had. Started to make planting pots from old newspapers, and a cute wooden mold I found on the very well!

So now we have 55 handmade planting pots filled with seed from, tomatos, red peper, onions, carrots and rocket salad.. standing on the windowsill.

Also worked on this lovely new elephant Lola...! I love elephants, think she turned out great, with her funny collar and pin plaid hat, standing on her go-kart...

 She is made out of light pink viscose, and Lola's clothes are very colorful, like you expect of me!

Until next time, have a good weekend!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cupcakebear Mimi, the tooth fairy..

Hello! Hope you doing fine on this lovely day in April!
At the moment I am so busy cleaning the house and the rear back garden, it was really necessary because nothing has been cleared out the last few months, and weed is growing everywhere..
Why this spring cleaning all of a sudden? Well Thursday it's my birthday...(yeah!), and in a few days our daughter is turning 7!! So if the weather allows it we can sit out side, so all the childeren of familie and friends have inough space to play.

My lovely boyfriend gave me my present already.., lots of sowing seeds, jippie! I'm a big fan of organic vegetables, so now I can grow our own...(At least try ;) ) Does any one knows a good book on how to grow your own vegatbles...??

Her is Mimi, a tooth fairy, issen't she cute!

So back to the garden once again for me, to get my hands dirty! Let's see where we can make our vegtable patch for the childeren and me!
Have a good day!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cupcakebear Tom and new hobbies!

Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well! No more rain at the moment, and some nice sunshine we have here, brings a smile on your face, don't it?

Here everything is going very well, still buzzing with new ideas for bears.. and reasently I found a new hobby, Journaling ( I have many hobbies..! Do you too?.. Need more time in a day ;) )

It's gives so much satisfaction to wright about your journey in life, and do a little watercolering as well to brighten up the words you are wrighting.. The many scraps of fabric and beautiful paper you just can't trow away,  they find there place in my  journal too.
Even funny stuff you tent to forget, like when the childeren say funny things , it does not have to be long wrigting just some beautiful qoutes are fine as well...

Next week I will post some pages of my journal, don't expact something fancy, remember I just started one, and am still lurning...!

Here is a new Cupcakebear I made this week, his name is Tom! I hope you like him.

Wish all of you a nice easter weekend, with friends, family or alone, ..injoy!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cupcakebear Coco...

It's a windy day, not at all pleasant weather, and the rain is back again... my rainboots are already waiting in the corridor, for when it's time to pick up the childeren from school. They don't mind the weather so much, for them it's fun to step in every mud puddle they can find on our way back home.. Even though we live close to school, when our trip is finished at the front door, there boots are filled with water! O, well some warm socks hereafter will keep our kids warm again..

But ofcourse it is good weather for al plants to grow, and to stay indoors.
So the last couple of days I have been working on a new colorful bear, ..Coco the circus bear..

Whit his dreamy eyes he looks in to the world, Coco loves acting and doing difficult tricks in the circus.. but mostly he loves to eat honey (like almost all bears!) Sometimes his tricks don't go very well, because of his rumbling tummy and him dreaming of a new pot of honey..

Being a sweet bear as he is, the ringmaster of the circus always forgives him very quickly!

That's all for today, I have to get my boots on and umbrella ready,.. and face the rain, ..o well, you can't meld in, it can you..!

Hope to see you all next time!


Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Cupcakebears, Roos & Jasmin!

Finaly I am back.., yes it took me a while..but I never lost my passion for making colorful bears!
Having a young family with two small childeren just  took his toll.., but now our darling childeren are already 4 and 6 years old, going to school, playing with friends and running arround in the garden with good weather, they don't need me so much as a few years ago, when they still where in there nappy's! Now afther school they injoy helping me with picking new colors of fabric for the bears and there clothes, it's so much fun!

And now for the new Cupcakebears.., Roos & Jasmin.., they are best friends.., Jasmin carry's Roos around everywhere there journey goes..

Jasmin takes Roos under her wings, because for here little friend the world is somethimes just to big,
but together they see the sunlight in everything!
Until next time, I promise I'l be back soon, with lots of lovely and colorful Cupcakebears!
Jacqueline Hoogers