Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Cupcakebears, Roos & Jasmin!

Finaly I am back.., yes it took me a while..but I never lost my passion for making colorful bears!
Having a young family with two small childeren just  took his toll.., but now our darling childeren are already 4 and 6 years old, going to school, playing with friends and running arround in the garden with good weather, they don't need me so much as a few years ago, when they still where in there nappy's! Now afther school they injoy helping me with picking new colors of fabric for the bears and there clothes, it's so much fun!

And now for the new Cupcakebears.., Roos & Jasmin.., they are best friends.., Jasmin carry's Roos around everywhere there journey goes..

Jasmin takes Roos under her wings, because for here little friend the world is somethimes just to big,
but together they see the sunlight in everything!
Until next time, I promise I'l be back soon, with lots of lovely and colorful Cupcakebears!
Jacqueline Hoogers