Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cupcakebear Mimi, the tooth fairy..

Hello! Hope you doing fine on this lovely day in April!
At the moment I am so busy cleaning the house and the rear back garden, it was really necessary because nothing has been cleared out the last few months, and weed is growing everywhere..
Why this spring cleaning all of a sudden? Well Thursday it's my birthday...(yeah!), and in a few days our daughter is turning 7!! So if the weather allows it we can sit out side, so all the childeren of familie and friends have inough space to play.

My lovely boyfriend gave me my present already.., lots of sowing seeds, jippie! I'm a big fan of organic vegetables, so now I can grow our own...(At least try ;) ) Does any one knows a good book on how to grow your own vegatbles...??

Her is Mimi, a tooth fairy, issen't she cute!

So back to the garden once again for me, to get my hands dirty! Let's see where we can make our vegtable patch for the childeren and me!
Have a good day!