Friday, 1 May 2015

New Cupcakebear...Elephant Lola!

Can you believe it,'s already May! The weather is much better, every day a bit warmer, even the sun stays up late..
Time to get our vegateble patch ready! It's just a tiny plot we can use outside, but thats alright, it's a learning proces for me, so to start small is not so scary..haha!  So yesterday I collected and sorted all the packedges of vegetable seed I had. Started to make planting pots from old newspapers, and a cute wooden mold I found on the very well!

So now we have 55 handmade planting pots filled with seed from, tomatos, red peper, onions, carrots and rocket salad.. standing on the windowsill.

Also worked on this lovely new elephant Lola...! I love elephants, think she turned out great, with her funny collar and pin plaid hat, standing on her go-kart...

 She is made out of light pink viscose, and Lola's clothes are very colorful, like you expect of me!

Until next time, have a good weekend!