Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cupcakebears Mr.Darcy....

Don't you love Mr.Darcy, I know I do!  It's one of my favorite characters from the novel writer Jane Austen!

Last year the family and I were on holiday in England ( I loooove England, did I mentioned that before?) We stayed in a lovely barn nearby the property Jane Austen had lived with her sister, after her father  had died. Ofcourse we had to visit the well maintained house and garden,..and I just loved it, I coud stay there for hours! ( Wich I did, left our childeren in the hands of my boyfriend, and of I went!) It still looks like Jane had never left, and her tiny (!) writing table, is still present in one of the rooms upstairs in the house.. Can you believe that she written many novels with a quill, how hard is that...

Anyway one of my favorite novels is Pride & Prejudiced..
And so a idea for a Mr.Darcy bear was born! Here he is..

Poor Mr.Darcy, he is so very much in love with Elizabeth.., he has rozy cheeks to prove it!

Don't he looks handsome with his big hat on..

Have a lovely day!