Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cupcakebear Coco...

It's a windy day, not at all pleasant weather, and the rain is back again... my rainboots are already waiting in the corridor, for when it's time to pick up the childeren from school. They don't mind the weather so much, for them it's fun to step in every mud puddle they can find on our way back home.. Even though we live close to school, when our trip is finished at the front door, there boots are filled with water! O, well some warm socks hereafter will keep our kids warm again..

But ofcourse it is good weather for al plants to grow, and to stay indoors.
So the last couple of days I have been working on a new colorful bear, ..Coco the circus bear..

Whit his dreamy eyes he looks in to the world, Coco loves acting and doing difficult tricks in the circus.. but mostly he loves to eat honey (like almost all bears!) Sometimes his tricks don't go very well, because of his rumbling tummy and him dreaming of a new pot of honey..

Being a sweet bear as he is, the ringmaster of the circus always forgives him very quickly!

That's all for today, I have to get my boots on and umbrella ready,.. and face the rain, ..o well, you can't meld in, it can you..!

Hope to see you all next time!


Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Cupcakebears, Roos & Jasmin!

Finaly I am back.., yes it took me a while..but I never lost my passion for making colorful bears!
Having a young family with two small childeren just  took his toll.., but now our darling childeren are already 4 and 6 years old, going to school, playing with friends and running arround in the garden with good weather, they don't need me so much as a few years ago, when they still where in there nappy's! Now afther school they injoy helping me with picking new colors of fabric for the bears and there clothes, it's so much fun!

And now for the new Cupcakebears.., Roos & Jasmin.., they are best friends.., Jasmin carry's Roos around everywhere there journey goes..

Jasmin takes Roos under her wings, because for here little friend the world is somethimes just to big,
but together they see the sunlight in everything!
Until next time, I promise I'l be back soon, with lots of lovely and colorful Cupcakebears!
Jacqueline Hoogers