Friday, 9 October 2015

Cupcakebears Didi & Dotty..

The weather here is a bit gloomy the last couple of days, so try to get a few bright pictures of Diddi and Dotty was difficult..
But this mornig the sun came out a short time,   got  my camera ready, and snapt some cute
pictures of the sisters...

Didi and Dotty are sisters, and best friends as well, both of them live in a tiny village called: CherryBeary..
Can you tell that they love to gossip, and tend to spill it with a cup of tea and a tasty treat..! But because they are kind hearted souls, you can forgive them very easily..

Both Didi and Dotty love cupcakes and tarts so much, ..that they wear the treats on there head...!

Stuffed with marmalade, the cakes will be eaten very happily, when ever the girls ar hungry...
and that is most of the time.... Thankfully Dotty knows how to bake...!


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yes.. can post new fotos again! Cupcakebears Dotty & Diddi..

To new Cupcakebears are finally ready... Two sisters named Diddi and Dotty.
In my last post, I coud not let you see any fotos, the computer is working now, so here is what you have missed..

If you like to see more work in progress, please visit on Instagram; cupcakebebearsandme
Every week new fotos of bears will be posted!

First the girls had there make-up....

I have been  working on a new style of bears.., a bit more chubby and added more weight in there bellies (so they willbe more cuddly) and  they have longer arms, even the face paint  is more brighter this time... 

Dotty gets to see if here clothes fit...
Notice she has no mouth yet? That is the final thing she will get, because that is the last thing to give here more character, here own personality..

Now Dotty is almost ready, she has a cute face completed white a nice smile!
Of course Diddi will not be left behind!

I hope to post the fotos of the girls finished this week soon!

Love ,