Friday, 29 January 2016

Easter bunny Benjamin...

Hello there!! How are you all? Here it feels like spring time, jippy! A few days ago the thermometer indicated 16 degreas, can you believe it? It was the higest themperature ever recorded in Januari on that day in the Netherlands! But a good rain the next day was there again.., not to worry do, then you feel that it's 'allowed" to stay in, and at last to finish my new Cupcakebears friend.., Benjamin the easter bunny and his to friends Pin and Pon, the chicks.

Usually my bears and friend are made out of mohair or viscose fabric, this time I tryed something new instead. Not for Benjamin do, he is still made out of mohair pink fabric, but the chicks are needle felted. Ofcourse needle felting is not new to me ,the Cupcakebears ofthen get  noses, eyes, and somethimes parts of there faces sculped by needle felting. It's a injoyable proces to work on, to see how it  transforms a face in every possible uitdrukking you can think of.

I injoy needle felting so much, that I'm disingning new Cupcakebears made interely out of wool.. It's is a exsiting new way of making bears! Ofcourse I will  share picures of the proces  on instagram; cupcakebearsandme...

Have a lovely day!