Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lolly the circus bear!

Hello you lovely people!

The weather is much colder here then the last couple of weeks and it rains a lot as well.., the heating is turned on and i'm working with a fluffy warm cardigan on and warm socks & fake Ugg's on my feet...but it is still very cosy in our home!And my work in progres is not affected by it, infact I can't tell you how much I love to work in our home on my colorfull friends! I start every morning at the moment I come home when I brought the kids to school, I work untill they get back, and afhter there bedtime I can't stop doing something more, make tiny clothes, sew boots, make new disigns, ect., well it is as much work as fun time for me as well, I'm so fortunated doing this!

And at this moment there is a lot going on in the world of Cupcakebears...!! Next time I will tell you more about it....

New Cupcakebear Lolly, a tiny circus bear!

 Lolly loves her  balloon...Look how tiny it is, it is filled with fiberfill, and been mended ones..But she does not mind it a bit..
Loly made a little bunting to hang on the balloon, it makes it that more playfull!

On her chair she can't sit still...
 I'm a happy bear!!

Wish you a wonderfull day!

Love ,