Friday, 5 February 2016

New photos Cupcakebear Nana...

Being a perfectionist, it is sometimes difficult to leave things as they are.. Al my finished Cupcakebears sit comfortable on a shelf in my studio, so every day I can injoy seeing them while working. ...The last couple of weeks my eyes were fixed on one Cupcakebear especially, Nana the circus bear.. I think she is as cute as a button.., but for me there was something missing in her outfit, and I just had to fix it! So now her clothes are still as colorful, and her hat and collar as well, the only thing changed is the flower on the hat wich is with a green stalk now, and her jacket has got green accents as well. The main thing changed is the colorful hand felted garland in her paws.

Personally, I think the changes has worked and for me Nana is now complete!
Funny how small things do matter.....:)

Happy circus friends together in one picture, Nana and the smallest circus member Lolly..

And circus bear Nana has now a special price in my Etsy shop...Go and see if you like..!

Have a lovely day!